Hand engraved in bronze
Signed and dated 1860, Stratford upon Avon.

£725 sundial, carved stone pedestal (Stock No 1999) available at £ 325


W 23 x 23 cm (9 x 9") H 10cm ( 4")


Intricately engraved by hand and signed by "Vincent, sculptor, Stratford upon Avon, 1860". An intriguing and rare sundial in naturally burnished and patinated bronze.
The decoration and calibrations around and within the dial's circular ring record the points of the compass and a day's hours and half hours while at each of the base square's corners is an engraved shield presenting variously the provenance, a caricature portrait face, an hour glass and further decoration. This interplay of the maker Vincent's whimsically personal artistic touches with the strictures of a sundial's technical and scientific requirements for accurate performance is highly unusual and beautifully executed.
The gnomon is angled for Stratford upon Avon's latitude of 52.2 degrees. The dial will keep accurate time elsewhere in UK simply by tilting the plinth a few millimetres from the true horizontal (we can calculate the required degree precisely for your location).
A charming and practical time piece and decorative garden object of real scarcity, providing endless fascination close by and creating an irresistible focal point in a garden or courtyard.
It survives its 162 years in superb condition.

If desired, we can also provide a base in carved stone or wood (please see Carved Stone Pedestal Stock No. 1999 and its image above as an example).

Stock No. 1990


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