CROQUET HOOPS in cast iron
by F H AYRES of London, 1898
"The Davidson" full boxed set. Sold


Box : L 65cm (25.5") W 24cm (9.5") H 16cm (6.25")


A complete and original boxed set of six cast iron hoops and drift. Made by FH Ayres of London, the "Davidson" design was patented in 1898. FH Ayres, made up the trio of top class sports equipment makers from 1850 -1940 (FH Ayres, Jaques and Slazenger). Rare to find complete and intact, this lovely set is as usable today as it was and ever shall be for another century. The hoops create a fabulous summer game and provide a classic and practical year-round decoration, focal point and structure to any lawn. Even in mid-winter, the hoops set out speak of happy days with friends of previous years and promises of the summer to come.

Stock No. 1819