A Devon Maund harvest basket
Ash and Fir



L 54 cm (21") W 36 cm (14") H 43 cm (17")


Devon Maund baskets were made in North Devon since the 1500s. The ash hoops and bands were cut by hand with froes and drawknives and bent while still "green" on formers until dry. The side "staves" also hand cut from fir or elm. Used for collecting the harvest of potatoes and apples the baskets are immensely strong and were crafted in nine sizes to also act as measures for taking produce to the market.
Today they make excellent indoor baskets for flowers, firewood, magazines etc or stylish outdoors baskets for the garden or shops.
Mechanised harvesting since WWII saw them fall from use. This example is c 70 years old and in lovely, solid condition.

Stock No. 1969