Hand carved c 1830
Dorset Manor House, England



H 45cm ( 18") W 64cm (25") Bath 33cm (13") diameter


Carved in cream limestone around 1830 as a cupola for a coastal Dorset manor house. Lichen patina in grey, green, yellow and orange over the cream stone.
The piece is in four parts - a top ring and two halved base elements (possibly designed by Augustus Pugin) which sit perfectly together under gravity. The fourth part is by Owtside+In - a contemporary metal basin, powder-coated black, which sits flush with the stone surround. Accordingly, though a substantial piece, it is easy to move and position for best effect in the garden - as a lovely focal point for humans and a mecca for birds and other fauna.
For seasonal variety, the basin can simply be lifted out, a plant pot inserted in its place, and the stone octagon base used as a planter.
Historic, versatile and a delight in the garden.

Stock No. 1978