Hand carved in Hornton stone.
Oxfordshire, 1800s



L 60cm (24") W 50cm (20") max, 26cm (10.25") min H 21cm (8.5")


Hand carved in North Oxfordshire's Hornton stone in 1800s. The pump trough's distinctive "horseshoe" shape is a peculiarity of the North Cotswolds and comes, naturally enough, from its placement against the upright and under the spout of the hand-pump of the farmhouse; a pail or bowl then placed in the trough. This example, photographed on a C18th trivet base, is in exemplary condition. The drainage hole (original), can be bunged with a cork to form a bird bath or water feature; or unplugged, the trough makes a lovely planter - filled with earth or pots of seasonal flowers.

Stock No. 1821